Through the years of delivering top notch chiropractic care in North Royalton and the surrounding areas, we continually receive stories and reviews from happy patients enjoying their pain free lives once again.  We are sharing their experiences with you as a reminder that we can help you live a pain free life without going under the knife or popping pills to simply mask the pain.

For over 3 yrs. I’ve been using a cane, because I had numbness-tingling and a lack of balance. After receiving a flyer from Timber Ridge Clinic, all my symptoms were there. After consulting with Dr. Pat, I was diagnosed with foot neuropathy. After 24 1HR treatments, all pain free. I am now able to put the cane in the garbage and the golf clubs in the car.

Due to Dr Pat and his totally professional staff, I am mobile again. Thanks again
– Jeff McDowell, Parma

Neuropathy: A condition that usually occurs in the feet, and there is no cure for it. About 5 years ago I received treatment for my Neuropathy on the East side of Cleveland. It consisted of treatment by injection in each foot, and it was less helpful in trying to resolve the pain that occurred mostly at night when trying to sleep. However at the Timber Ridge Clinic, there is a 24 treatment program that is quite improved from the treatment I had about 5 years ago. The treatment at Timber Ridge Clinic had at least 7 different types of therapies available with no injections of any kind. I have experienced the entire 24 visit program and each time I walk out of the Timber Ridge Clinic, I know that the feeling in my feet has improved. I walk better and the burning and numbness in my feet has declined noticeably. Along with the 24 visit therapy program, I have received a unit to use at home. I know that if I continue to use the unit at home the Neuropathy in my feet will continue to improve. It will help me live a better and more relaxing life.

– William Griacs, Retired, Parma, OH 2/2/2015

“(In) May 2014, went to a neurologist because I had weakness, pain, numbness, burning, & tingling in my hands & feet. Doctor said I have Peripheral Neuropathy. Doctor gave me Gabapentin, had side effects, then Lyrica, and etc. Had side effects to all drugs. Went back to the doctor, did an EMG, and said I need to make appointment with (a specialist). I went for appointment, and doctor said the way the neuropathy came is the way it will go away. I went to (more doctors) with no help.

Then we came across the article in the neighborhood paper – Breakthroughs in Treating Neuropathy. Made appt. for examination. A few days later I started treatments. It’s easy & no Pain involved. Few weeks into treatments, the shooting pains getting better. Weeks later, I was up standing/walking longer. Last few weeks, I was driving my car & going out more. And now, I do treatments at home. Dr. Patrick McCluskey is the BEST, his staff is the GREATEST. The Neuropathy program: IT WORKS!”

– Joan Grzesik, Homemaker, Broadview Hts., OH

“I injured my knee in a fall shortly before Christmas “06” and could not walk without pain.”

“After two treatments I was walking with very little pain and was able to complete all my Christmas preparations. The cold laser & electrical stimulation were soothing and Activator treatment painless & gave immediate relief. As always, the staff at Timber Ridge was friendly & concerned.”

– Charlotte Glorioso, Legal Secretary, Parma Hts., OH

“I don’t handle pain well and I was amazed how pain-free the knee program is.”

“I’ve always enjoyed walking for exercise, but this past summer it grew to be an excruciating process. I would walk a foot and then have to stop for a moment before continuing. It got to the point where “Alleve” was my best friend and I found myself taking it daily to relieve the pain. Besides maybe getting addicted to pain pills, I knew something had to be done. A week after my phone call to Timber Ridge, I came in, received a couple x-rays, and found out what my problem was. I was without cartilage in my right knee and was bone to bone. Dr. McCluskey set up a program for me which I stared immediately. I don’t handle pain well and I was amazed how pain-free the knee program is.

After 3 months of decompression, cold laser treatments, and exercises, my knee is literally pain free. I can’t wait until spring to pursue my walking regimen again without stopping in between for breaks.

I strongly recommend Timber Ridge to anyone having knee pain. The program is easy, pain-free, and works. It worked for me and it’ll work for you.

– Sincerely, Susan Brunecz, Parma Hts., Retired.

“Severe sciatica. Pain radiating down my left leg all the way to my foot… I have avoided back surgery as recommended by a neurosurgeon. I now live almost pain free. I believe in God given miracles and my chiropractor. As I lay on the table getting my first treatment I was extremely skeptical. I thought how could something as simple as these little impacts from the Activator possibly do anything. Well, I stuck with it. And I’m glad I did! No knives, not stitches, no invasive surgery and NO PAIN! Lying on the table face down was comfortable, almost too comfortable. It is quick and not painful at all to receive these treatments.”

– Ronald Kruty, Stationary Engineer, Parma

“My knee feels much better at this time. It seems I can maintain a better stride while walking. Little or no pain.”

“During the last several years, I have been having pain in my right knee after yard chores (leaf blowing, mowing, etc.) Usually after a few days rest, it would subside. This last year it was the worst ever painful.

“45 years ago I suffered a compound fracture of my right tibia. Repair was made using a 12 ½ inch lotus nail which was then removed. I have swelling and a stiff Achilles tendon.

“20 years ago, just before I retired, I injured my right knee. The orthopedic doctor that attended found no broken bones. However, he had me do some physical therapy at that time.

“My right left and knee have been stiff for many years.

(After the Timber Ridge Knee Program)

“At this time, my knee feels the best it has been for many years.  The 24 sessions Knee Decompression/Cold Laser Program has definitely helped my overall knee condition.

“Several members of my immediate peer group have had knee replacements. I opted to respond to your knee pan evaluation offer shown in the Sun News. The x-rays and examination showed clearly that I was in need of attention. The personnel at the Clinic were friendly and courteous. The whole experience was very satisfactory. Thank you.

Benefits From the Knee Decompression/Cold Laser Program: ““My knee feels much better at this time. It seems I can maintain a better stride while walking. Little or no pain.”

Likes Best About the Knee Decompression/Cold Laser Program: “Pain-Relief, Soothing.”

– Richard A. Klein, North Royalton, Retired Fire Fighter (city of Cleveland)



“Twas the beginning of September of 2014. My hubby and I went to the mall.
I had trouble walking with excruciating pain and needless to say,
I just had to make a call!!

They diagnosed the problem and began taking care of my knee.
And what a relief, it is all pain free.

Now, after 3 months of going to the clinic,
There’s only one thing that I really hate.
It is asking myself over and over,

The staff are so caring,
There is nothing to fear.
Merry Christmas to ALL,
And a very Happy New Year!!!”

– Sincerely, Sue Brunecz, Parma Hts.


“I came to the clinic to try the Cold Laser Treatment. After I had hurt my lower back lifting boxes and being on my feet all day, I could not walk straight and the pain was also going down to my knees. After a couple of sessions of the Cold Laser and chiropractic treatment, I have noticed a major difference in the way I walk.  Not only can I walk standing up straight, but I am no longer limping as much. The treatment has helped me to be more active in my life. Thank you, Dr. McCluskey and your staff!”

– Kathy Sullivan, Parma Hts.

“…my knee pain has been reduced to an occasional soreness.”

“I had gone to Dr. McCluskey for back problems, which ended with excellent results. So, I decided to go back for treatment for a continuous dull knee pain problem. Now after a few months of Cold Laser and chiropractic adjustments, my knee pain has been reduced to an occasional soreness. I plan to continue with further treatment to completely resolve this knee issue.”

– Terrance Sullivan, Parma Hts.

“I was recently in an auto accident where I suffered a neck injury. While feeling nothing at first, about a week later I could not turn my head to the left. After talking to some friends who had their chiropractic experiences, I decided to call one. I called Dr. McCluskey based on convenient location and I am really glad I did. They got me an appointment right away, and the receptionist assured me they could help. After a week of pain and having to take care of 2 small kids, I was ecstatic about my appointment. But when I got there the nerves set in and I was afraid of the twisting & cracking. When I met Dr. McCluskey all my fears & nerves were gone. He made me feel comfortable & with the x-rays he showed me exactly what was wrong & how he would fix it. I first started with massages. I was in heaven and it really worked. The pain slowly went away & by the end of the hour I felt better. Then I got ultrasound & cold laser therapy, both were very soothing. I then got moist heat (my favorite) & the Activator adjustment. No pain just a few clicks and I felt better instantly. After a few weeks of treatment the pain disappeared. I started rehab visits, where I had the traction machine massage my back & neck & I did exercises to strengthen my neck muscles. It was a lot of visits but well worth it. My neck pain from the accident is gone & I don’t get the sinus & tension headaches I used to anymore. I can actually wake up without pain and enjoy my days at home with my kids. Thanks for all your help, Dr. McCluskey, & all my friends at your office!”

Renee Bridges, Parma

“I slid on the office floor, twisted & turned but managed to remain standing. That night, I woke up with a terrific headache. So I went to see Dr. McCluskey who adjusted my back & I walked out of the office with much less trouble than I went in with. Since then, he has helped me with several other issues including my inflamed ligaments at the bottom of my feet by using the cold laser. The regular adjustments have lessened the symptoms of sinus pressure and inflammation in my digestive tract as well.”

Marilayne Liba, Business Analyst, Parma

“Four years ago I was diagnosed with scoliosis (found only by the chiropractor) after visiting medical doctor after medical doctor and finding nothing wrong with me. After using the Activator too and heat stimulating therapyu, I was finally able to walk and drive again. I continue to do exercises and visit the chiropractor regularly to stay healthy.”

Kathy Suhar, Multi-handicap Aide, North Royalton

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