Numb and tingling hands hinder the simple pleasures of life before getting professional chiropractic treatment.

Numb and tingling feet hinder the simple pleasures of life before getting professional chiropractic treatment.

Numbness, burning sensations, tingling, and unusual weakness and pains in your arms and legs can be the initial symptoms of life long disabilities and permanent discomfort.

Do sharp stabbing pains in your hands prevent you from playing games with your kids?

Do your feet tingle or go numb while taking a relaxing stroll through the park with your spouse?

These symptoms may never get better on their own and may continue to get worse if not treated as soon as possible.

Neuropathy is a condition when nerves that spread throughout your body are damaged.

Neuropathy affects more than 20 million people in the Unites States alone.

Pain, numbness, and burning sensations in the hands and feet can be due to repetitive motion, poor nutrition, infection, tumors, injury, or underlying disease such as diabetes.

In some cases, internal organs such as the heart, bladder, and intestines can be harmed resulting in embarrassing or life threatening consequences if not diagnosed and treated quickly.

Many doctors may suggest strong medication with negative side-effects that only relieve the symptom but do nothing to correct the cause of the problem.

This leaves you with a life of popping pills and never corrects the problem while the damage continues to get worse..

The nerve damage could worsen or become permanent with risky surgery.

Chiropractic care is the gentle and safe solution to treating neuropathy and getting back your active lifestyle.

If you are burdened with pain, numbness, tingling, or burning sensations in your arms, legs, hands, or feet, contact our office today.

We can help you get back to your normal activities with an exam to find out if you are suffering from neuropathy.

Learn about peripheral neuropathy and how our program helped Dave Butler from Medina improve his lifestyle after suffering from shooting pain and severe burning sensation while walking.

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