Knee Pain Treatment

KneePainSpecial10CallersKnee pain can be agonizing to live with.

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Cold laser therapy can relieve severe knee pain and help you stay active.

Normally enjoyable activities like family walks and weekend golf outings can feel like torture with every step you take.

It’s even unbearable trying to walk short distances.

You want to feel young and active again… but your knees just keep hurting no matter what you do!

If untreated, knee problems can end up causing more pain, joint damage, and permanent disability.

Does it hurt to bend your knees even while sitting or lying down?

Do you knees “pop” or “crunch” with every step you take?

Your knee is the largest joint in your body and is necessary for stability, strength, and a wide range of motion.


“I came to the clinic to try the Cold Laser Treatment. After I had hurt my lower back lifting boxes and being on my feet all day, I could not walk straight and the pain was also going down to my knees. After a couple of sessions of the Cold Laser and chiropractic treatment, I have noticed a major difference in the way I walk.  Not only can I walk standing up straight, but I am no longer limping as much. The treatment has helped me to be more active in my life. Thank you, Dr. McCluskey and your staff!”

– Kathy Sullivan, Parma Hts.

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Healthy knees are essential for mobility. When injured or worn, they can be the most painful joint and bone problems.

Conditions related to knee pain include tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, bone-on-bone, damaged cartilage, and crunching and popping sounds.

If you suffer with any of these conditions, cold laser therapy may be the best option to advance the natural healing process in your knees to eliminate pain and restore mobility and function.

Cold laser therapy is a modern non-invasive technology that aids in regenerating damaged tissue, relieving pain, and reducing inflammation.

Getting a comprehensive exam may be the best way to determine the main cause of the pain to be able to find the proper treatment.

Anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers may temporarily relieve the pain but the hidden damaged area continues to get worse.

Surgery may also be unnecessary and risky when non-surgical cold laser therapy might be the perfect answer for your specific type of knee pain.

We currently have a FREE special offer* that includes a full exam, set of xrays, and private consultation (a $200 value).

Find out if cold laser therapy is the solution for your pain by calling our office now at 440-884-0083 or fill out the form to the right to reserve your discount exam, lab work review, and private consultation.

We will target the root cause of your pain and create a custom plan to get you back to your pain free and active life.

“…my knee pain has been reduced to an occasional soreness.”

“I had gone to Dr. McCluskey for back problems, which ended with excellent results. So, I decided to go back for treatment for a continuous dull knee pain problem. Now after a few months of Cold Laser and chiropractic adjustments, my knee pain has been reduced to an occasional soreness. I plan to continue with further treatment to completely resolve this knee issue.”

– Terrance Sullivan, Parma Hts.

*Applies only to patients who’ve not been in the office for the past year and does not include additional treatment. Medicare and federal insurances eligible for free consultation only.
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