Cold Laser Non-Invasive Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain can leave you crippled and miserable. It may even keep you up all night… Removing any hope for a good night’s sleep. No longer can you enjoy a relaxing stroll around the neighborhood or a calming bike ride with your spouse. Even daily activities can be excruciating as you grind through each step. […]

How Chiropractic Massage can Help in Managing Joint Pain

Chronic low back pain is one of the most common reasons why most people see a healthcare provider. In fact clinical data suggest that the lifetime risk of developing at least one debilitating episode of low back pain is 80%. Likewise, lifetime risk of knee joint pain is 50%, ankle joint pain is 27% and […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Repetitive motions with your hands can damage your nerves and cause severe pain. Along with pain, you may also have tingling, burning and weakness in your wrist. It’s known as carpal tunnel syndrome and it can be a very painful condition. Effective solutions for pain relief include chiropractic care. Let Dr. Patrick McCluskey explain how […]

Knee Surgery Alternative? Chiropractic gives non-invasive Knee Pain Relief

Are you experiencing knee pain more often? Has your activity level and quality of life been diminished? It’s time to get back to your favorite activities and better health. Surgery is invasive, risky, and may not correct the problem. Sometimes leaving you worse off. Dr. Patrick McCluskey is your chiropractor for knee pain relief. Visit […]

Chronic Knee Pain

Would you have a more active life if you didn’t suffer from Knee Pain? Would you like to have all-natural options to reduce knee pain and increase wellness? Cold laser therapy is non-invasive and can help relieve your pain. Dr. Patrick McCluskey can help you relieve chronic Knee Pain

Car Accident Relief

Pain, numbness and soreness are common after an Auto Accident. Let an experienced Chiropractor examine you after an accident and put together a personal recovery plan to return you to better health. Adjustments are made to correct the cause of the pain. Safe, gentle and natural pain relief. Enjoy a happy, active life again without […]

Exercise Pain Relief

  Do you live for a life with activities, sports and exercise? Sometimes when you’re active, injuries can occur. Chiropractic Care is a fantastic choice for a sports or exercise related injury. No medications and no surgery … Just effective, all-natural pain relief. Chiropractic Care … A smart choice for better health. Your local Chiropractor […]

Joint Pain, Osteoarthritis, and Treatment Options

Chiropractic joint pain treatments can relieve your pain naturally.

Joint pain due to Osteoarthritis – What possible options do you have? Physiological aging is a natural process that is best managed by maintaining optimal health. It is imperative to understand that the quality of bone and joint functioning suffers a great deal as you age and often times require more vigorous care to maintain […]