Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Rear view of shirtless man with shoulder pain over white background

It may seem hard to believe but despite growing concerns over sedentary lifestyle and obesity, a fair chunk of population continues to live an inactive lifestyle in United States. For example, according to a latest research (1), more than 67% adults in America enjoys at least 9 hours per day in sedentary activities such as […]

Sports Pain Helped Naturally Without Pain Killers or Surgery

Severe sports injury pain can leave your body unable to function properly. Knee, shoulder, back and neck areas are common places for injury and pain. Let chiropractic solutions help you get back to being active as quickly as possible. It can happen naturally without pain killers or surgery. Safe, natural and non-invasive adjustments and care. […]

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome and Treatment

Dr. McCluskey can help relieve frozen shoulder and shoulder pain.

Shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joint that is virtually used in all major muscular and functional activities across upper limb. Frozen shoulder (also known as adhesive capsulitis in scientific terms) is a condition that causes significant pain, discomfort and stiffness in shoulder joint that may compromise all the activities mediated by upper […]