Sports Pain Helped Naturally Without Pain Killers or Surgery

Severe sports injury pain can leave your body unable to function properly. Knee, shoulder, back and neck areas are common places for injury and pain. Let chiropractic solutions help you get back to being active as quickly as possible. It can happen naturally without pain killers or surgery. Safe, natural and non-invasive adjustments and care. […]

Backaches slowing you down? Get active again

Backaches that start up every single day can really slow you down. Get back to a normal care-free life without pain by choosing Chiropractic Care. Dr. Patrick McCluskey and his team are ready to help you get back to health. Natural adjustments with fast results and lasting benefits. Get back to your active life by […]

Muscle Pain Treatment

Do you get muscle pain after workouts or overexerting yourself while working around the house? Do your back and neck muscles tense up and ache when you least expect it? Chiropractic treatments may be your best solution to relieve the pain and keep it from happening again. The slightest muscle tweak can keep you bedridden […]

Auto Accident Injury? Get Back and Neck Relief

One moment you’re driving around town running errands when BAM! You’re involved in an auto accident. Whether you notice the pain immediately or it slowly creeps up on you over time, you need to get it checked out before it gets worse… The symptoms may not appear for weeks or even months later… Leaving you […]

Relieve Your Backache Pain

Daily backache pain can slow you down and keep you stressed and irritable to family and friends. Dr. McCluskey can help relieve your backache pain so you can enjoy an active and pain free life. Chiropractic care is a gentle and natural way to help the body heal itself without the need for addictive drugs […]

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome and Treatment

Dr. McCluskey can help relieve frozen shoulder and shoulder pain.

Shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joint that is virtually used in all major muscular and functional activities across upper limb. Frozen shoulder (also known as adhesive capsulitis in scientific terms) is a condition that causes significant pain, discomfort and stiffness in shoulder joint that may compromise all the activities mediated by upper […]

Happy Holidays from Timber Ridge Neck & Back Pain Clinic

Timber Ridge Holiday Greeting.indd

From all of us at Timber Ridge Neck & Back Pain Clinic, we wish you all the joy and happiness in the world this holiday season! We hope you get everything you wished for this holiday. Thank you so much for the gift of your business this past year and the coming new year. Happy […]

Knee Replacement Alternatives without Surgery?

Knee Pain

Knee replacement surgery can be a frightening decision. Is is safe? Will your capabilities be limited with no chance of improving? Is there a risk of permanent disability? Before going under the knife, consider possible alternative solutions. Knee replacement surgery involves removal of damaged and distorted cartilage by excision of knee joint connective tissue (that […]

Lower Back Pain & How To Get Rid of Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Keeps You from Enjoying Life. Get Relief at Timber Ridge Back & Nack Pain Clinic

Lower back pain is traditionally considered a normal symptom of advancing age. A lot of young adults are actually reluctant to accept that they may have an organic cause of lower back pain symptoms. For all those individuals who wait for symptoms to get worse before seeking medical help; here are some statistics from a […]

Shooting Pain, Severe Burning Sensations after Walking any Distance – Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr. McCluskey can help relieve shooting pain and burning sensations in your feet so you can walk pain-free again.

Peripheral neuropathy may be the cause of shooting pains and severe burning sensations when walking. A casual shopping trip with your family can be agonizing when burning sensations in your feet overtake your tolerance of pain. You’re left crippled and embarrassed as you rest your feet for an hour or more… waiting to finally walk […]