Nutritional Therapy – Dr. Michael Phillips

Dr. Michael Phillips emphasizes nutritional therapy for continued health and happy living for his patients.

Dr. Michael Phillips emphasizes nutritional therapy for healthy and happy living for his patients.

Dr. Michael Phillips received his doctorate of chiropractic in 1982 from the prestigious Palmer College. He received his BA in psychology with a minor in biology from Kent State University where he was also a member of the Honors College. Dr. Phillips has taught anatomy and physiology at the collegiate level.

In addition to holistic and traditional chiropractic, Dr. Phillips has a passion for nutritional therapy and focuses on helping people emphasize nutrition as he treats his patients to once again be happy and productive without the use of drugs or surgery.

His expertise in nutritional therapy spans more than 30 years of experience with highly regarded doctors including Dr. Walter Schmidt, Dr. D.A. Versendaal, Dr. Michael Dobbins, and Dr. Robert Curry.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Phillips has helped people that have struggled with chronic and prohibitive problems that have been resistant to conventional care.

“Human beings are designed to be perfect self repairing organisms, guided by spirit; for this to be a reality, nutritional support is necessary. Working as your partner, I can help you transform the quality of your life and thereby improve your world” – Dr. Michael Phillips

Dr. Phillips is currently running a special FREE offer* that includes:

  • Diet Analysis
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Written Recommendations

Call us now at 440-884-0083 for your FREE Diet Analysis, Nutrition Consultation, and Written Recommendations*.

*Applies only to patients who’ve not been in the office for the past year and does not include additional treatment. Medicare and federal insurances eligible for free consultation only.

Dr. Phillips can only work with a limited number of nutrition patients each week and has a very full schedule. All available slots can fill up at any time and may already be taken if you wait to call. We take nutrition very seriously. If you cancel your appointment without giving a 24 hour notice (no matter what the reason is), we will not offer you the consultation ever again.


Here’s what some of our patients have to say…

“I would like to thank Dr. Phillips for helping me with my nutrition. I wanted to eat healthier and lower my cholesterol. I also wanted to make sure that I was taking enough calcium. As we get older we have to make sure that we are exercising and protecting our bones. When I went for my check-up, my doctor said my cholesterol is good, and I’m glad I went to see Dr. Phillips. I am on the right path now. I am taking natural, good vitamins. Dr. Phillips helped me choose what is good for me. I feel great!”
– Josey R. Miller, Retired, Broadview Hts.

“I had been suffering from a chronic and increasingly acute condition for months before I finally found Dr. Phillips who directed me back to health and well being almost overnight. I had been around the block with many other medical professionals all of whom informed me that there was nothing wrong with me. Modern medical practice could do nothing for me. I still give thanks for my continuing good health to Michael who employed no drugs, no fancy technology, no surgery, no outrageous bills, just a good solid grasp of the big picture and uncommon understanding.”
– Scott Senseny, carpenter, Cleveland Ohio

“Michael Phillips is one of the first people I call; He’s kept me healthy all these years.”
– Kenneth Koles, PhD, L.Ac., Shaker Heights, OH

“Over a period of 10 1/2 months, my problem was diarrhea. It was somewhat sporadic. What I ate didn’t seem to make any difference. I took some OTC things such as Imodium and others that did not help. It was a very uncomfortable and nervous situation. I read about Dr. Phillips in the Timber Ridge Clinic Newsletter. I hoped that he could “fix the problem.” I’m pleased to say that he did! Within 10 days after the initial visit, there was improvement and I progressed back to a more normal schedule. The muscle testing was a painless, interesting experience. A few simple changes were made in my diet and some of the OTC pills were replaced with a dietary supplement. What a relief to be able to spend relaxing time on my projects and less time being uncomfortable. I encourage anyone who has digestive system problems to seek help from Dr. Phillips. I sure am glad I did!”
– Theola B. Reese, Retiree, Creston, OH

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